Mister Unicorn

How did Unicorn begin?
Unicorn Being a Jerk started at Otis College of Art & Design. I took an intro to illustration course, in the spring, taught by JT Steiny, and the only requirement was a 12 page book. In that course, I made 'Unicorn Having Fun', and expanded it to it's current length in the first month of the summer.

After the first Unicorn book was finished, I began compiling and comparing lists of ideas for Unicorn. There was an obvious pattern in the material that lent itself to Unicorn being a lowlife.

From September to December, I worked to create every illustration that would finally become 'Unicorn Being a Jerk'.

Why is Unicorn a unicorn instead of something else?
The Unicorns, the band
Bronzini Ties
A t-shirt my friend, Anne, bought for me in high school

What are other things C.W. likes?
Perry Bible Fellowship
Ellsworth Kelly
Close to Home
Sulki & Min
Frank Chimero
The Far Side
M*A*S*H, the television series
Sol Lewitt
Geoff McFetridge
Electric Retard
Family Guy
Siggi Eggertsson
South Park
Dan Flavin
Moebius (Jean Girard)
The Simpsons
Imp Kerr
Daniel Eatock
Wonder Showzen
Cyanide & Happiness
Darcel Disappoints
Rodgers & Hammerstein
David Shrigley
Mad Men
Charlie White
Phillip Toledano
Scott Adams
Rafaƫl Rozendaal
Chris Ware

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